Rahul Salgia

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


ARahul started his entrepreneurial journey in 1994 as a fresh computer engineering graduate from SGSITS Indore. Under his mentorship, the company soon became the go-to place for challenging problems that needed innovative use of technology. While he was busy solving customer problems, India found its place as the world's Backoffice and IT outsourcing. Rahul's dream was to do something to change the perception of India from being a mere provider of IT manpower to one that could deliver best-in-class technology products something that's been dominated by the western world.

To fulfill this dream, Rahul created DigiValet in 2008 – something that would change the in-room experience in hotel rooms forever. Today, DigiValet is the most admired product in hospitality serving some of the iconic hotels worldwide and has also delivered innovative solutions for serviced residences, senior living communities, and hospitals.

A keen adventurer at heart, Rahul has interests that range from riding the rapids in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal, to trekking in the mountains or scuba diving in the clear blue waters in the Great Barrier Reef.