Xchange Overview

Digital is no longer a differentiator for healthcare organizations. Healthcare providers need to address a host of new challenges by adopting and embracing new technologies to improve workflows and enhance patient care. Need for speed and faster communication continues to impact healthcare delivery and patient experience. The world is moving towards patient-centred healthcare, and the best place for positive changes is the patient room.

Smart hospital rooms are not the future, but an increasing part of today's reality, bringing modernized patient experience to the present. The emergence of smart hospital rooms is a major disruption to the industry. However, patient interactions remain crucial and technology can bridge this gap with seamless patient experience, improved communication, and streamlined clinical workflows

Leading healthcare providers are now carving a niche for themselves through the way they serve their patients. Notably the Middle East healthcare providers are at the forefront of technology adoption to achieve digital transformation success and stand out from the competition. Smart Hospitals in the Middle East are making the future of patient experience a reality with help of technology pioneers who serve easy-touse patient-operated controls that provides a seamless digitized care itinerary, an experience that offers personal guidance for patients and family members.

Join us as we discuss how a patient room hub can weave the information and allow the patient and their family to see what’s going on with their care. We shall learn how entertainment and information should be delivered in the patient room in line with the expectation of customers. Written paper-based or TV channel-based information delivery systems are things of the past. Let’s witness a patient experience built on the idea that hospitals should take inspiration from the hotel industry for exceptional customer service, using the integration of technology to create personalized, preference-driven experiences for its patrons.

In this session, we'll be looking at proven, time-tested, and robust technology that is not only suitable for greenfield projects but hospitals with existing legacy systems.

Key Takeaways

Who will attend?

The senior hospital stakeholders who are responsible for patient outcomes and business bottom line:

Xchange Program

Gulf Standard Time (GMT +4)
11:00 Opening remarks from MentorMe Knowledge Advisors
11:05 Presentation: How DigiValet has been leveraging cutting edge technology to transform guest experience at iconic hotels of the world
• International use-cases
• Converting some of the conventional hotels to smart hotels
• Integration with various IoT in room devices and systems
Rahul Salgia, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DigiValet
11:15 Live demonstration: Smart patient rooms
Rachana Salgia, Co-Founder & President, DigiValet
11:30 Fireside chat:
Dr. Varun Katyal, Commercial Director, Fakeeh University Hospital
Salwan Finj, VP, EMEA, DigiValet
11:45 Q&A and interactive discussion
11:55 Closing Remarks
Salwan Finj, VP, EMEA, DigiValet

About DigiValet

DigiValet is a global technology leader to bring luxury hospitality and lifestyle experiences to hotels, healthcare facilities, and residences the world over.

Using cutting-edge technology, DigiValet's products help brands tell their unique story, by offering the ultimate in comfort and convenience for guests, residents, and patients.

Back in 2008, DigiValet became the world's first, full-featured touch-based guest room solution that allowed hotel guests to intuitively control all in-room amenities and hotel services, wirelessly, from just one single device, including their smartphones. More than a decade later, hotel brands including Armani, Bulgari, Oberoi, Aman, Raffles, and St Regis have acknowledged DigiValet for setting the hospitality experience benchmark.

Since then, the company has moved into the healthcare, luxury living, and senior living sectors with equally groundbreaking products. Residents and patients can control their environment and connect with all the services on the premise – all at the tap of a finger or a simple voice command. Keeping in line with the ethos of innovation, DigiValet's product offerings for these industries have expanded to include not just consumer-facing solutions but also tools for the operations team. Staying at the forefront of technological development is of paramount importance to us, and we want to ensure that all stakeholders have the right tools that will help them serve their customers better.

DigiValet has altered the paradigm of how these industries use technology to delight and wow their end consumers, through a marriage of hi-tech and hi-touch. DigiValet's solution is extremely intuitive, easy to use and requires no discovery or learning, and also overcomes language barriers across geographies. And we never stop dreaming up futuristic ways to keep pushing the boundaries in our top-secret development lab.

From voice-activated senior living residences to interactive hyper-personalized patient meal ordering systems at hospitals, there's no project that we can't handle. Our clients also share in our excellence and continue to evolve with us life-cycle after life-cycle. We thrive in the imaginative, and constantly look for opportunities to push the boundaries and redefine luxury living and hospitality.